Sunday, October 22, 2006

Faux Pas

Many years ago, whilst doing a public talk, one of the people in the audience mentioned that she had trouble getting to sleep at night. She obvioulsy needed to relax.

(Bear in mind that I kept many cats, I bred exhibition Persians.)

My response to her was: 'When I go to bed, I find stroking my pussy very relaxing.'

I tried very hard to pretend that I had not said it. I could feel my face burning and my mouth desperately wanted to laugh. My discomfort only lasted a matter of seconds before the whole auditorium exploded with laughter.

Now here in the UK, it is very common for people to refer to their cats as 'pussy' or 'puss puss' so it was not unusual that I had. It was just the situation and the context that made it sound like it did.

I have a habit of saying things that aren't quite what I meant.

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