Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The little girl took another feed tonight, just as I am off to bed. She had maintained her weight since the morning feed. This feed was 13 hours after that one so she is doing fine. I think the formula has given her the strength to do the work on Mum's tits. Also, I think I happened to get her when she was hungry. Will see how she is when I wake up.

In case anyone should need to know this at some point: I feed 1 ml of formula per one ounce of body weight. So a 7 oz puppy gets 7mls per feed.(obviously the amount of formula goes up as the puppy gains weight). The feeds are every two hours for the first week, 24/7, then every 3-4 hours for the next week, and they can go 6 hours at night without a feed during this second week. Once the eyes are open they get small amounts of meat which has been blended in a blender with formula. I stop bottle feeding by 4 weeks.

Oh and most importantly, use a human newborn baby bottle and teat. The ones they make for puppies are crap-they are too fast, too soft and kill puppies because the formula gets into their lungs.

I raised whole litter of 4 pups this way and they all gained weight as if they were being fed by Mum, who in this case had no milk at all for them.

The formula I use is made by ROYAL CANIN and is excellent.
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