Thursday, October 12, 2006


This shows the set in sleeve head I do. Good fit. Some call it a 'semi raglan' but to me it is more like a set in in fit and look. The figures represent sts and rows. Click on picture to see much larger view.


Anonymous said...

I just love this sleeve but how do you get the fit do you take a fitted sleeve instead of rounding it at the cap change the rows to knit a straight sleeve I think I could figure out the body but not to sure about the sleeve. Just love your pups they are lovely it is good you have them I bet they are good company and keep you busy. Have you heard of leonard Coean dont know if that is spelled right he is a Canadion I bet you would love his music he is a poet and musician really different you either like him or hate him I think he is wonderful

Anonymous said...

I FOUND IT! I *thought* I had seen you discuss this sleeve, and your latest green sweater made me look for it. Obviously it works very well!