Friday, September 29, 2006


Tuesday night, Tilly started to really scratch up. About 3am Wednesday morning, she started to have visible contractions. They took a long time to get frequent and I was getting more and more nervous. Finally, they came fast and hard - but no puppy. So at 7am off we went to the vet. By the time we got there, she had delivered the first puppy- an 8.5 oz female. So back home and she started hard and fast again but by 9am we were back at the vet as her discharge had become green which meant the placenta had separated. This time she stayed to have a ceaser whilst I went home to bed as by this time I could neither talk properly nor walk properly. I went back for her at 3.3opm. Sh did not have a ceaser after all, they managed to deliver the 9oz boy after all.

The size of these puppies is too big for Tilly. Normally mini Dax are 5-6 oz with 7oz being big.

Tilly was excellent and she really tried hard. She stood on her hind legs and used the top edge of the whelping box to place her front end over whilst she bore down.

Tilly will never have puppies again. She will be speyed and live out her life as matriarch. Such a shame as she adores puppies.

The boy and girl are doing fine as I write. Tilly is happy and eating well.
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