Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tibet Sock

I finished these today. I think they are regia but definately to colourway is called Tibet.Probably my favourite pair yet. French heel this time. I haven't managed any othe rknitting, esepcially by machine, as my ribcage is too sore. Went to the Dr today and it seems I have an infection/inflamation of the muscles between the ribs, hence the pain like I am in a vice! Who knew one even had muscles there! Honestly, with my OA acting up too i think if I were a dog, I'd take the needle!

I vont to be alone. Moonlight having a bad hair day.
Micah also having a bad hair day but the grin is to let you know that he plans to lose his virginity any day now once Finty stops playing hard to get. Honestly the PMT around here has been a nightmare. The girls all fighting and poor Micah getting the brunt of it.
What is going on? Why is everyone fighting? I amglad they leave me alone but I wonder if I am next.....
Luna is wondering why Frauke is so obessed with licking her ears. Even dogs have fetishes.
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