Sunday, June 04, 2006

We Are What We Think

As we think so are our lives. Not quite what we get taught is it?

Our lives are the direct result of how we think. It isn't the result of how other people think. Our beliefs dictate how our life will be. Our beliefs will dictate our behaviour. Our behaviour will have a direct bearing on our lives. What we give out we get back.

All the positive beliefs we hold will express themselves in our lives and our feelings. Likewise for all the negative beliefs we hold.

So many of us continue to lead unhappy lives because we hold dearly to our belief systems. We refuse to see differently. And we complain when our lives don't improve. We blame others for our lot. This gets us no where except to the place we already are and are trying to leave!

Bad things happen all the time to people. Loss.Disease.Pain. We can't avoid them. It is part of being human. How we react to these things is what counts.

What we believe about what happens is what makes the difference.
We cannot 'think' away disease, as some people are prone to think. The converse of that is blaming ourselves for being sick and for failing to cure ourselves. I have known people die of cancer believing they were not good enough because they had been led to believe that they could cure themselves if only they thought the right thoughts, meditated rightly, ate rightly etc. Very sad.

What we can do is make our experience different and less painful by changing our attitude and belief system.

There is no such thing as sacrifice.

Everything we do directly affects us. If we 'give up' something of value to us in order to gain benefit, where is the sacrifice?

An example comes to mind.

People regularly talk of sacrificing careers in order to stay at home and bring up children. First it is a choice one makes. Secondly, both children and carer benefit beyond measure. The idea that one 'suffers' in order to bring up children is ridiculous.

Having children is a choice. Choosing to not have a career but raise them is not suffering or sacrifice. Fancy giving children this idea! That their carers have suffered in order to give them a good life.
What a lie!

Everything we do or think or have has a down side as well as an upside. I keep dogs. The upside of that is they give me much joy. They force me to get out of bed on days when the physical pain is really bad. They force me to think of the welfare of something else. The down side is that I have to pick up dog doo, bath and groom and spend money at the vets! It also means I cannot have the home I would have without the dogs-spotless, expensive furniture etc. But I did not 'sacrifice' these things in order to keep dogs. It was my choice and by my choice, I gained. for many years we could not go away because of the dogs. We accepted that. We didn't see it as 'sacrifice' but choice. Now we have a found a good and trustworthy dog sitter and we can go away.

So don't be fooled by those who cry 'look what I gave up for you'. They are mistaken. Don't you be mistaken too!

We are not here to please anyone. We are not here to be what others want us to be. We are not here to please our parents, our neighbours, our siblings, our teachers, our churches. We are here to grow and be ourselves. Becoming ourselves is lifelong battle and the hardest thing anyone has to do. Why? Because everyone else will do all they can to prevent you being you!

Don't let them!
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