Saturday, June 24, 2006


It really has got out of hand. I have so much yarn I'll never be able to knit it all.

It is so bad, that now even I think it is somewhat ridiculous.

I have stopped looking on the net at yarn. I have stopped going to my favourite yarn warehouse.I have stopped buying. Well....except for when we go away on holiday. Different country, different yarn. At least that is my reasoning. Visiting yarn places is better than sex-or it last longer anyway.

Even with my 15 machines, I have no hope of knitting all this yarn up. Not even if I knit a sweater a day for the next 20 years. That is 7,300 sweaters. I'd still have plenty left for maybe another few years or even another 20.

Now, I am knitting up more than I have been. I felt so daft when we discovered another two sacks of yarn under the stairs. I thought to myself, this really is toomuch yarn. I must knit it up as fast as I can so i can at least move around more easily upstairs. The bedroom that houses the yarn is full to bursting. I can't even get to most of it.

So......what to do other than knit as often as possible?

I had thought of maybe selling some of it. Or even giving some away to a worthy cause. Just writing that makes me feel ill. I'd find it easier to give my kidney away. Or maybe I could open a sweat shop and have 10 people knitting to my instructions 24/7? Okay, so maybe more like 100 people but then we are talking about a factory and I don't want to go there. Besides, they all have to be hand sewn. And I'd be so busy looking over everyone's shoulder that I'd have no time to knit myself whcih defeat the object. Plus, I think a week wouldn't pass before one or all of these people lynched me....

Now you needn't ask me what i doing. I am knitting. Knitting, knitting, knitting. What sort of life would it be without knitting? I'd be reduced to buying knitwear from Asda or TopShop or worse from some 'couture' boutique where the cost is mind boggling for the shoddy knitwear they sell. yes, shoddy. i wa sin a famous name boutique in Paris, a really well known designer, and it was all mass produced, badly put together crap.

Speaking of shoddy, did anyone notice the stripey sweater in Knitting this month? The girl sitting on the beach? HOW COULD THEY DO THAT!!!!! Those seams wandered more than the drunks at chucking out time. What is the point spending many hours and effort making something to then just cobble it together? Even worse than that, is how could a leading magazine photgraph the shoddy work for all to see? No wonder knitting has such a dowdy image.
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