Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Aran Sleeve

I have completed the first sleeve of my self designed aran raglan. I am not sure what I think of it.
I have washed this because I knew it would flatten and couldn't be sure what I thought until it had been washed.I am still not sure! I am thinking maybe I could have used DMS for a background.


Anonymous said...

Hi Colon,

I think that the design proportions are right for the sleeve, but you might consider making a wider central panel for the front and back.


Anonymous said...

Collin, Every time I look at your blog I'm amazed at what you've now
created!! You are an amazing knitter. I'm very impressed with your
seams and am wondering if you hand sew, machine sew, or use a linker?

Keep up the AWESOME work!!


Anonymous said...

I just love everything about your blog...your beautiful dogs, your beatiful knitting, and your beautiful and witty descriptions of your relationship with John. What a great life the two of you have made for yourself! Keep it up, and stay happy and busy and creating!