Sunday, July 24, 2005

Intarsia / Garter Stitch

This is the first handknit I started 18mths ago when I took up hk'ing seriously. I love the colours. The yarn is Rowan Felted Tweed. The handle is not good, the yarn is rough and it doesn't make sts that well. I think Rowan is much too expensive and the quality is not that good. There are all sorts of things about this garment I am not happy with. The cast on(cable cast on) and the neckline. I do not ever use cable cast on now and always use long tail. I do my necks by short rowing and I knit the collar separately and join using 3 needle method. I sew together as always with mattress stitch. Had I not faffed about and discovered how to use the finishing techniques I use with my machine knitwear, I would not have continued to HK. Oh and I knitted this with 3.25 needles. I don't know how they recommend 4mm!
This is a set in sleeve. The yarn is a wool I bought on offer-I have loads of it. Very nice feel, machine washable. I did wonder if it was wool. It shrinks if tumbled! Feels wonderful, soft next to skin. The stitch design is the same one I used on my first sweater design published in Machine Knitting Monthly.
This has a modified drop shoulder. I didn't use my own pattern but patt 477 in the machine(Bro 940). The yarn is the same wool as the pale blue sweater.

I had a good day yesterday, almost finished another HK. Today, I am armed with my electric box on my spine and am about to take the dogs out. I feel bereft today, fragile. My mum and the whole family situation is on my mind. However, I know this will pass and I still feel at peace. My emotions are just that, they will settle and my life will go on all the richer for this learning curve.
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