Sunday, July 24, 2005

Cashmere/DJ/HK and Pups

100% Mongolian Cashmere. 2 x 2/28's. Tumble dried to bring up the loft. beautifully soft. Set in sleeves.
I did this on the E6000, LX/FX tech 198. It is a mix of botany, geelong, angora, and kid mohair.
This is another HK, the yarn is by Rowan but I can't recall what it is called. A wool, alpaca, acrylic mix. Very soft. Chunky weight.
This is a HK. Very simple. CB4 and then 4 sts of garter st. The yarns I bought in Oslo, Norway. PT3 and Kitten. PT3 is a pure wool and Kitten is a fine mohair. This is a chunky weight sweater. Lovely and warm for winter.
Forsell's 1 ply Botany, two fold. Done on Passap, OX/N, my own design.

Had to go to Peterborugh today to get my camera back. I was in my wheel chair. In the mall, I asked somone to excuse me, and he turned around, apologised and patted me on the head!!!! Patronizing git! There was no need ot apologise as he hadn't done anything wrong-until he patted me on the head!
My mum is constantly on my mind. I really didn't expect to feel bereft. I also only see her as she looked the last time I saw her. I haven't seen her old. It isn't her being dead that bothers me but that she had made no attempt to contact me in all those years, none at all. Parents are supposed to love their children. How sad must her life have been?
If you insist on pointing that thing at me, I'll just look away.....
i can hide just like this....
is that food?
are you mad?
Don't point at me!
I don't care what I look like.....
dead to the world....
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