Saturday, July 23, 2005

Double Jaquard/Bavarian HK/Pups

I drew this design in DAK. I knitted it on the E6000. I used 3 colours. The ecrus is 50% merino50%acrylic and the other two yarns are 100% wool. Machine washable. The yarn count is approximately 2/28's. This was originally the wrong side but I decided I preferred this side on the day I made it! The tech was 198 but I set the locks to UX for front and N for back.

This was my original right side.

I ordered 3 books of Bavarian knitting stitches from on Tuesday. They arrived today. They are by Lisl Fanderl. Just over £17 for all three and these are thick hardbacks! I am very pleased. It was a bit of a gamblebecausee I wasn't sure I would understand them, being in German. However, the charts are easy to figure out, even though the symbols are different to those one is used to. The only way to see if I was undertstanding was to knit and see. I really like these stitches-mostly traveling, twisted sts(you knit thru back of loop of both k and p rows). I will use these along with cables to make my own textured Aran type sweaters.

The pups are 4 weeks old today and are getting interested if solid food tho Mum is still of more interest to them. I feed all my dogs raw, natural food and I find since I have been doing this(4 years) the pups don't wean till they are 5-6 weeks old. All of my dogs are so much healtheir and their teeth clean. I'd never go back to crap in a bag for them.

It is too soon to tell if I have what i am hoping for in these pups but they all look like real Apso, have really good coats, you can feel the hard texture already. Their heads and eyes are looking good. A few more weeks and I will have a much better idea. I do have my eye on two of them....

I have slept well and have started to assimilate the news I received. A new lightness has come to me, I feel much more free than ever before.
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