Friday, July 22, 2011


I am off to have a ‘field’ test on my eyes to test for any blind spots. Eye test last week suggested AMD and Glaucoma. I dare not think about this.

Jack the gardener is here and once he is finished, off I go.

The new electric reclining armchairs are excellent. So much so I fell asleep in mine the first night they were here.

Took me several hours but finally set up the new amp. It was  not easy discovering which wire was which speaker.

I have a dog show on Sunday at Harewood Hall (in the grounds), Leeds. Weather will be dry, we are told, but at 18c not very warm.

I also got to try out new Big Daniel last night and am very pleased with him. More roomy and comfortable.

Tell me, I have wardrobes stuffed full of clothing. I mean all not often worn. Tastes change or I just choose others more often. Up to now I have only managed to re-cycle worn out or ill fitting clothing. Is it okay to re-crycle perfectly good clothes to make room for more or to just make room? I will not be recycling any of the expensive, classic stuff. I basically mean shirts. I have tonnes of them.


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