Saturday, March 12, 2011


I dreamt that John and I were away and for some reason we had the puppies with us.  I was on my own in a busy street and I was trying to get my puppies because they have scattered.(I often have variations of this dream where I am out and all of my dogs got off the lead and scattered and I am trying to get them back before they get run over or something.) as is often the case with dreams the scene suddenly changes and my puppies are caught in a big puddle deep enough that they have to swim.  I realise that I have to get into this water and I do not like water where I cannot see the bottom because you never know what is lurking there.  I got in and I managed to get the puppies but then I was attacked by an otter of all things. I managed to shake it off.  The scene switched again and I was sitting on the pavement and many people were walking by but this one woman stopped to help me.  (Don't ask me what had happened to the puppies because they were no longer in this dream.)  She helped me get up and supported me to a taxi but she insisted on getting in the taxi as well to see me back to the hotel.  During the ride back to the hotel she and the taxi driver struck up a strong rapport and when the taxi arrived at the hotel and she got out to help me, she and the taxi driver exchanged phone numbers and they kiss and I thought how marvellous it was that things seem almost arranged to happen.  The next scene I am in the hotel but in fact it is a block of flats and there are work men there and they have altered the staircase which made it more or less impossible for me to get to my flat.  they had turned it into a slide and they seemed very pleased with themselves because they said all I had to do was slide down and had no stairs to worry about and I was thinking but how would I slide up? However in the next scene I am indeed in my flat and I note that they have done work there too and for some reason, three walls of the flat had to radiators on each wall.  I noticed our suitcases and said to John that we had to go back to the hotel because I had left the suitcase with the computer in it at the hotel.

Now make head or tail out of that! I do often have very anxiety ridden dreams about my dogs being scattered in the open and I am trying to get them all back into safety.

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