Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jade Goody - Big Brother

It has been hard to miss this news about Ms Goody and her supposed racism. Racism is to be abhorred but so it any form of bigotry. It seems that snobbery and classism are not only allowed but revelled in.

I have found the coverage appalling.

The covergae has smacked, very clearly, of bigotry. Towards Ms Goody and white working class people in general.

The very people who are condemning rascism(rightly) are showing the very same intolerance, bigotry and mean spiritedness that they are decrying. Shameful hypocrisy.

On BBC NEWS 24- DATELINE today, one panel member referred to the white working clases as 'stupid and ignorant' and Ms Goody as ugly. The piece was introduced by describing Ms Goody as 'spectacularly dim witted'.
Most of the comments I have read about Ms Goody have been about her 'common' background, her lack of education, her stupidity, her working class roots. It has been an appalling display of bigotry. It has all been condoned too. Even those so called intellectuals on Dateline didn't see their own bigotry.

I think that the whole attack on Ms Goody has been informed by jealousy and bigotry. Jealousy and anger because how dare a 'common little trollope' become rich and famous?!!
Bigotry due to her 'class' and manner of speaking.

And it seems that Mr Jackson is allowed to refer to Ms Goody and her family as 'white trash' and to refer to her being 'common' without any form of reproach from anyone.

From the moment Ms Shetty walked into that house, she looked down her nose at Ms Goody and made her feel worthless. It is not surprising that Ms Goody reacted the way she did. She was made to feel not good enough. When people feel shamed in this way they are likely to react and react in a way that is not helpful and makes them look bad.

I feel desperately sad for her. She has been fed to the mob. It disgusts me.

Last years Big Brother displayed much bullying and bad behaviour. However it was homophobic bullying so no such commotion was caused. In fact, it got ignored.....
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