Sunday, January 07, 2007

Gay Sheep

You thought you had heard everything?

Well, did you know that 8% of all rams, male sheep, are gay? (No wonder the knitting industry exists. I mean just look at what is made of wool and all those pretty colours?) It seems sheep farmers have always known this. Some rams ram other rams. I lived in Oz for many years surrounded by sheep stations(farms) and I never met one( a gay ram I mean). I didn't even know they existed. Oh, how my life may have been different. I wonder why this particular piece of information was not taught in Agriculture class?

It seems research has shown that the hypothalamus of gay rams are smaller than that of their str8 brothers.

Not only that, but can be shown to be so before birth. (The article was unclear about gay girl sheep, (lesbisheep?), as they said that a girl sheep just stands still when it is horny so it was hard to tell....I couldn't tell if the writer was being serious or not on this point.)

Now of course it seems the Religious Right are getting their knickers in a twist over this. They insist, of course, that being gay is a choice. (I wonder when they decided to be str8?) and they have put out a statement which, amongst other things, says that 'this could lead to homophobia being as socially stigmatised as racism'. Oh dear! We can't have that can we? Of course, if they could ,they would say that not being white is a choice...

A few years ago, some anti abortionists, including a leading UK Rabbi, stated that they thought that if it could be shown a baby in utero was to be gay, then it would be acceptable grounds for abortion....Isn't it amazing how such people think?

Back to the sheep. It was discovered that hormone injections given to these gay sheep had them wondering off and shagging the nearest girl sheep(who may or may not have been a lesbisheep-who knows, she just stood still.)

Now it seems Martina Navratilova is demanding that gay sheep be left alone. I quite agree with her, as odd as the situation appears to be.

I must have led quite a sheltered life for I did not know that in most species, a certain percentage are gay. In a USA(where else?) zoo, they have a pair of gay Penguins. They have been together a long time. Between them they nurse their 'egg', a rock....

Of course when it comes to human gay people, it has always been known, to me and most gay people anyway, that being gay is not something one would choose to be. It is thrust upon one. Who in their right mind would choose to be a social leper? Now being gay is not anything harmful. There is nothing about gay people that makes them leper like. It is only the ignorance, wickedness and hubris of the non gay people that make it so.

Oh and while we are at it, being gay does not mean that gay women are more male than female and nor does it mean that gay men are more female than male. That is such a stupid thought to have. There are of course both masculine traits and feminine traits in everyone, and in gay people too. Some gay men are more feminine and some more masculine, same with gay women.(Case in point,the only obviously gay thing about my other half is me.)

So back to gay sheep. Thank god for them. Without them we may not have this very creative pass time we call knitting....

P.S. There are str8 sheep, gay sheep and asexual sheep. No mention was made of bisexual sheep.

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