Wednesday, November 01, 2006


This was knitted using the garter carriage on a Brother 940. The yarn is 100% Yak hair, 2/14's used double. I bought the yarn in Hamburg, Germany. It has set in sleeves. I am especially pleased with this sweater. It is very soft. It fits me perfectly. I am particularly pleased with the collar. It fits just as I hoped it would. Hugs my neck. Also the roll is at it should be. The trick is to knit it on as low a tension as you can. This was knitted on tension 4 whilst to main pieces were on tension 8. I have washed and tumble dried on hot. The shrinkage was taken into account before the sweater was knitted. I washed and tumbled the swatch before measuring.
The washing machine now needs to be cleaned out as this did shed a lot! However, the sweater is now very soft and fuzzy. A bold garter stitch pattern was designed for this reason.
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