Saturday, November 11, 2006

Oh S**T!

Well, have hardly managed to walk since Wednesday. Going thru a bad patch. We were supposed to be going to Koln, Germany tomorrow for 6 days but that is out of the question now.
John is just getitng over a bout of bronchitis. Silly sod went back to work with a heavy cold, they sent him to Berlin and he came back with bronchitis. At least he kept the Dr's appointment I made for him.

I am knitting my friend Deborah a pair of socks in Opal's wool/silk. At least I can manage that but have had to leave the knitting machines alone. Frustrating as just before I relapsed, I had knit up a load of swatches ready to knit this week.

Trouble with relapses is I have no idea how long it will last-days, weeks or months. Guess time will tell!

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