Saturday, August 04, 2012


"I clicked on your blog to see your socks.  I love that gusset.  Very nice.

I started reading about your doggies, adorable little things, and then somehow got sucked into your anti-Christian rant.

I thought you believed in tolerance and acceptance?  What's that about?  This is no attack.  I think you know I've been one of your defenders on the list when nut jobs have gone awry.  

If someone had an anti-gay section on their blog, do you think that would be acceptable for knitters to go read?  I'm just confused as to why you can attack them but they must remain silent."

I just received this from a person with whom I have an amicable email relationship with for several years. I don't think I know anything personal about them, at least not until this was written.

Whilst I may not be at my best right now, I am afraid I flipped my lid at this arrogant offensive twaddle. It is MY blog. If you read it you either like it or not. you agree or not. You are free to write non abusive comments. But do not DARE to tell me what i can and cannot write about.
WHY has this person not gone to the Xian sites and blogs that call for the death of gay people? WHY do these damned people not realise that we, meaning gay people, feel hurt just like anyone, we love, we have joy, we have pain, just like they do. Does this writer have no family because of who they are? Do they always have it in the back of their mind that they may be killed for who they? Did they live for years with no safety at their home because of bricks being thrown thru the windows, the car being wrecked, being physically assaulted, spat on?
I am sick to death of these pious Xians spouting their filth at me and pretending love at the some time. If you are my friend then you know who i am and what i think. If you think that my state of being is a sin, then go away. I do not want you in my life. I want people in my life who share my values of love and acceptance of others. I reject ideas based upon others being 'less than'. Ideas based on others not being good enough. Ideas based on one race being better than another. I do NOT tolerate those sort of ideas and I am PROUD to say I reject wholeheartedly hatred in all it's forms.
The Chic Fil a debacle in the USA was not just extremely hurtful to me personally but very scary. 30's Germany all over again. Yes, I am afraid. I want to grow old with my husband. i want another 31 years with him. These damned fundies make me fear for my life. to dismiss them as cranks or all talk is dangerous. To not take them and their hatred seriously because it is not aimed at you is dangerous because once me and my kind are dealt with, they will come after you. Look already-Sudan-a woman to be stoned to death on the say so of MEN-in Afghanistan, in Iran. And many in the US wnat the US to be a theocracy just like those countries. Okay, I have gone off on a tangent now. But really, where the hell do people get the arrogance to think they can write to me like that and think i will roll over like a waggy tailed puppy because I am usually nice and polite? I learned how NOT to be a submissive puppy. I don't need you to like me! I want you to respect me and if you cannot then fuck off and let me live my life.
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