Sunday, May 27, 2012


Things are proving very difficult indeed. The floor man is coming later as we cannot wait as he has suggested for other things to be done, certainly the decorating can't possibly be done with all this chalky dust over everything. The floor needs laying asap so w can begin to clean it all away. My sore throat, clogged nose and ears are all back. Plus I am really concerned about my computers and hi fi equipment as they too are constantly being covered and no sooner I clean it, it is covered again. I just showered in the new shower-great-but am covered again in dust.

I am not going to Bath tomorrow and despite having entered all the upcoming shows, I have no idea when I shall get to a show. Right now, if I bath and ready for show, I have nowhere for the dogs to go top this red dust getting on them-they are both parti-coloured. So it seems I am out of the show scene for a while now too.

I had a tantrum  and a cry about it all this morning. I had NO IDEA at all it would be this bad. I am living in a building site. My teeth are on edge all the time, like nails on a chalk board. I can't stay clean. Surprisingly, John's chest is coping well and he has COPD!!! It is my sinuses and throat that are badly affected. 

If we HAD won the lottery, John and I would just take the dogs and leave and not come back until all this is done. In fact I would have bought another f*cking house! I am appalled by the idea of this going on longer.

As it is, we will not be in a state to welcome our wedding guests on the 7th July. I am seriously thinking of cancelling and going for a different day once all this is completed. We have nowhere for our guests to be between the ceremony and the dinner.

To say I am upset and stressed is an understatement. And yes, typically, I feel guilty for feeling anything other than grateful and happy. Well, I am grateful but i certainly don't feel f*cking happy just now.

I am especially upset about the dogs and not being able to attend shows for the next couple of months. John doesn't see this as a problem which only angered me. The worst part is that MG is likely to lose the coat she has gained as the floors are very rough and of course she like the rest of us, is full of red chalk dust. Chase is a male, a pup, and enormous coat so although I can't show him, I am not concerned his coat will be wrecked. I don't think Pussy's will be either.

I just had no idea at all. None.
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