Sunday, April 08, 2012


It was really a wonderful day. A big thank you to Andy Horne, the husband of Hayley Horne. He made me a bracket that attaches to my dog trolley and then to my wheelchair so I can pull the dog trolley with my wheelchair. It works! I am astonished he did this without having to have my trolley or chair with him. It fits securely and it works safely. Thank you very much. Well, asi already said, Deita won Junior Bitch and two other classes. I dont think she has lost a major class yet. MG was 5th of 18 which is not as good as first but far better than no place a all! She showed really well. We took Chase and he too did very well in a pretend puppy class. Pretend as he is not eligible until six mthere to be shown.

I need to remember how much I enjoy the shows, how good it is to see people and converse. Lots of hugs. It really is fun. Yet before each show I balk at the idea of being with so many people. I still feel like the bullied nerd I was going back into the lion's den. It has yet to be like that. Instead it has been the enjoyable day it was today. Some things one never forgets, even at 53 and so far away from those childhood years yet they loom fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday. If you were the nerdy, ugly on, chubby one, never picked for the team, you will know what I am referring to. I am NOT that poor child anymore and dog shows are not school. Remember!!

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