Tuesday, June 14, 2011


These are flowers in my garden. I am impressed with the lens on my Sony Alpha. It's a SAM 30mm f2.8.

Today has been a good day. Sunny and warm all day. I have felt much better than I have of late. Thursday last I was on the brink of tears because of almost two weeks of severe fatigue and pain. Yet today one could almost believe I was well. I always think that, completely ignoring the fact I have taken 16 pills so far! ;-)

I watch Terry Pratchett's documentary about Assisted Dying. I was of course very moved by it. And frightened.

I am NOT frightened of assisted Dying. I am not frightened of death. I am frightened of those people who are determined to prevent this from being legal. Who are determined that I and others like me are condemned to a painful terrible death because THEY are frightened of death. Their excuse is that the vulnerable have to be protected. They say that if Assisted Dying were legal, we'd all start killing off the old and the disabled. Bollocks. Hasn't happened in Switzerland,Belgium, Oregon, Washington or the Netherlands. All of which allow assisted dying and euthanasia. One of the anti's was an atheist. No problem with that. I am not BUT i object very very strongly to the religious making these decisions based upon their particular fantasy. It holds no more validity than me basing my decisions upon what is written in Harry Potter novels, or any of the books of Enid frigging Blyton. It seems to me that the pro assisted dying/ euthanasia are ruled by compassion for human beings and the others by fear.

My doctor is a palliative care, pain, expert. She is also honest. About 30% of terminally people do NOT have their pain relieved. So the argument that no one need die in pain if taken care of is false.

I also found it very disturbing that one of the men who chose to die in this film had tried to take his own life. He swallowed 3 mths worth of morphine. He was unconscious for 5days but lived. Terrifying.

I am started to use my Facebook page to make daily videos. I did a Good Morning one just for a laugh but it seems people like them so I am doing more. I am Colin 'Knitman' Andersson on FB.


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