Friday, May 20, 2011


I watched a film last night called The Kid.  I almost turned it off within the first few minutes when I realised what the subject was going to be.

This is the true story of the successful author Kevin Lewis.  It was a very moving film.  Extremely well acted.  And it was brutal.  I defy anyone to watch this film and not see the miracle in those of us who have survived childhood abuse intact.

Kevin’s life was very different to mine.  The fear was the same and the school nightmare was the same. 

I did not have disturbed dreams last night.  I had no flashbacks. what the film left me with was a feeling of awe and wonder at the life that I have today.

I do not want to romanticise this at all. People like Kevin and myself did survive to become decent positive people.  Far far more did not survive. Many did not survive physically and many of those that did did not survive emotionally and mentally or spiritually.  I do not know why.

I do think this is the very first time I have watched such a film and been left with such a positive feeling.

I think also I perhaps have seen a glimpse of how remarkable my own recovery has been.  The film brought to mind how I used to be.  The me I am now is so completely different.  And I am awestruck.

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