Sunday, February 27, 2011


On the dog front everything is going very well.  I am now producing dogs of the quality I have always dreamt of.  It is rather strange to have one’s dreams come true.  I have waited a very long time.  40 years!

I have Mary-grace and Winston both of whom are top show quality.  And it looks like I have three in Whitney’s litter.  Time will tell.

I certainly have plenty to show!

My physical self has not been at all good recently.  I do not know if it is a coincidence but it has been particularly bad since I had the ‘flu seven weeks ago. I always have pain and no amount of pain killers alters that but recently the pain has been much more than the usual background noise.  Not only does this make me tired but it makes me rather grouchy to say the least.  Until recently it has made sleep really rather difficult and has thus exacerbated my conditions.  However I am now sleeping much better and last night was probably best nicely by a very long time.

Last evening I felt very wound up and so I took the dogs for a walk for the first time since before the puppies are born. Before I went I took the maximum dose of three different painkillers, including morphine.  Now I know the answer to a question that has been in my mind some time.  Even with painkillers, I cannot walk for very long.

The reason I have been wondering this is that there are some places I would like to visit, like Barcelona, the US, and Estonia for example, when taking my wheelchair would be very cumbersome.  I thought that as long as I was planning to take more drugs I would manage it without the wheelchair.  NO WAY!

I am extremely pleased with the way that my hand-painting of the yarn has developed.  Not just because I am selling my work well but because it gives me a great deal of satisfaction to do it. Hand-painting is exactly what I do.  I use paintbrushes to apply the die to the yarn as my soul dictates.  I feel as though every person who has bought my hanks have received a little bit of my soul.

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FugueStateKnits said...

If they receive a little bit of your soul, that explains why your yarn is so beautiful:)!