Saturday, July 15, 2006

Two of Ten

Left home at 1.30am this morning for a dog show and got back at 8pm after doing a round trip of 550 miles.

Moonlight enjoyed herself again and was placed 2nd out of 10 minor puppy bitches. A very nice bitch beat her to 1st as she did last week.

The owner of this girl asked me if I was at next weeks show and I replied I would be. Oh, she said, you may do better there. Why? I asked. 'I won't be there,' was her reply. What do you say to that?

Moonlight has now been to three shows and each time has qualified for Cruft's, one 3rd (0f 9), one 2nd of 15 and one 2nd of 10. I am very pleased with that.

One thing did mar it for me today. I had more trouble with my balance today, part of my condition. Anyway, I fell over as I was about to enter the ring. I was of course only using one stick as I can't show Moon and use two. Anyhow, I tried to stop the fall and get Moon out of the way at the same time. Right next to me, a group of young and middle aged able bodied men stood. These 'gentlemen' watched me stagger and try to right myself and then watched me fall flat on the ground. They just stood there as I struggled to get myself back up. I am lost for words.
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