Thursday, July 06, 2006


Tomorrow, July 7th, is the 25 th anniversary of John and I meeting. We have been together since that day.

We are celebrating by going away today for a championship dog show in Wales tomorrow.

It really doesn't seem like 25 years. Amazing.

I have never met anyone who could hold a candle to John. He has integrity, is empathetic, caring, tolerant, peaceful, loving in a quiet way. He has always been there for me no matter what. He is incredibily kind and giving. I owe all I have to him. I may not have had what I needed growing up, but he has certainly shown me what love is in practice. He has never lost his temper with me. Oh, he has been cross of course but never once has he been mean or nasty or come close to being abusive. I must say I found him very puzzling for the longest time. I was not used to being treated well and I thought there was something wrong with him!

Whist always being supportive, he has never carried me. He has always left me to sort my own stuff out. He never got enmeshed nor did he let me get away with stuff. I had to clean up my own mess.

He has taken everything in his stride. Now that I am disabled, he still treats me the same tho of course he does more for me physically.

He works hard and earns good money which goes on me and the dogs.

Whilst he hates me to say it, I know that I would not be alive today had we not met.

Yes, I am very lucky indeed.
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