Wednesday, February 15, 2012


John is home sick since last Thursday. He has a chest infection. He often does this time of year. He has COPD so is vulnerable. At least I don't have to fight him to make sure he takes his anti-biotics and stays home. That used to be a real battle.

I am doing very well. The worst of my disease seems to be in  remission. I am able to swim almost daily again. My weight is dropping. I am still taking the drugs and now topping up with 80mg of morphine but I am not fatigued. I don't have that awful bone weariness and I am sleeping quite well too. I am making the most of it. I have no idea how long it will last. My last bad period was two years long. That was how long I struggled to get back to daily swimming and barely managing half my usual laps twice a week. As my Doctor says, there is no telling what will happen next. 

All the dogs are doing well. I took Chase and Christophe to their first show training class last night. Chase was the better of the two, much to my surprise. I had thought Christophe to be the bolder. Chase really showed his socks off. He is not happy withe the judging table but then he isn't at home either. Time will sort that out. I am very pleased with both these boys but I still much prefer Chase.

I am beginning to get more done on the knitting front. Still not as much as I used to. My output dropped significantly during the really bad health period and although I am now good again, I have had the litter of puppies to deal with. I had not thought of puppies as work before, and I still don't, but they do take up a lot of time.

I am very pleased to have found out that John and I will have the same legal rights as heterosexual marrieds when we form our Civil Partnership at 3pm July 7th. They just don't call it Marriage! But the law will change again, and then it will be called marriage. How silly to not call it marriage in the first place!

The amount of people invited has grown somewhat from our original six, including us. Now it is eighteen including us.

We are leaving the day after our wedding to spend a week in Frankfurt, in a 5star hotel, in a suite. It os called a Sky Suite because it is very high up and overlooks the city. I know John will enjoy this. It remains to be seen if I shall even go near the windows, let alone the balcony! Heights are not my forte.

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