Monday, December 26, 2011


 This is a pair I am doing named Tipsy. I dyed the yarn using my sw merino/nylon yarn. The colours were chosen by a client for whom I painted yarn in a different shade to these but same colours. I call them Tipsy because the pattern meanders in and out.

I have been reading (why oh why?) what was termed as outpourings of grief and sadness at the death of Christopher Hitchens by various prominent Xian clergy. I am so angry I can't write or even think clearly so I will have to leave it but for now my blood boils at the evil dressed as piety that I read. There was no such grief or sadness in any of what I read but only the cruel hubris of these wickedly minded people. How can they believe such evil and believe it love?  Me, a nobody, can see this. WTF can't they? Oh, I have spent most of my life believing I must be wrong. Not any more. I have learned my gut lurches and takes to twisting and nausea like it has been kicked bang in the centre because it is confronted by evil and not because I cannot think or I misunderstand. I understand all too well and it sickens me greatly.

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Biki Honko said...

Nice socks! I'm going to have to google this hitchens character, as I dont know of him.

Happy Christmas!