Friday, October 28, 2005

This N That

Another rainy day today. Great fun with the dogs! Newspaper down in kitchen and hallway. Yesterday the temp was in the 70's. I have my doubts about global warming. Having read about and seen tv docs about climate change over the centuries, it would seem to me that this is normal. One doc about the history of Europe showed us just how much our land and climate have changed. Why, just because we now live as we do, with our cities etc, do we think that nature will not carry on doing what it is doing? Do we not relaise we live in a finite world? Yes, we need to do something about our pollution but I don't think that will stop nature's changes.

My aran sweater is about to be frogged. I have decided it isn't what I had in mind. I am going to so something with more cables and no DMS and with modified drop shoulders I think.

You'd think the way scientists go on about what we eat and drink and smoke or not, that if we followed their advice, as contradictory as it is, that we will live forever. When are we going to accept death? We have got to the point now that we blame ourselves for dying. That whatever our diesease is, we are to blame. Heart disease, cancer, MS, a host of diseases of the body, all are caused by us, either by bad behaviour, bad thinking or just plain badness. Or it is direct punishment from 'god'. So we have science on the one hand blaming us 'scientifually', the self righteous religionists blaming us and a vengeful God and the New Age pratts telling us we were not good enough and if only we thought right and forgave right and went around with a stupified smile on our serene little faces, we would not get sick and die. They all live in cloud cockoo land. We DIE. All of us do. We cannot avoid it. It is the only thing we can be certain of. We will die. Life is terminal.

The good news is that we survive it! Huh? Survive what? Death of course. Our bodies die and rot away but we do not. And it doesn't matter who you are, whether or not you are perceived as good or wicked, you cannot cease to exist. And no, there is no vengeful judgemental god waiting for you to either place you on a pink cloud and give you a harp or throw you into a firey pit. Nope. As in this life, where our thinking determines to a certain extent our life experience, so it will be in the non physical world although our thinking will be all there is so therefore our surroundings will be exactly as our thinking dictates. If we are negative and self centred I hardly think our surroundings will be heavenly. However, whatever our sprititual state, progress is ALWAYS open to ALL. There is no point of no return. There is no line for you to cross that will forever leave you in darkness. No. Progress is always open to you - and it is up to you to choose it. You can either face the light and work toward it or you can turn your back and walk the other way. It is up to you. However, if you turn your back and walk the other way, no matter how far, you will always be able to turn around.
We all will have to face ourselves. The good, the bad and the indifferent. we will feel how we caused another to feel. We will feel the joy, the peace, the relief we brought to others. Conversely, we will also feel the suffering we brought others. What better justice is there?

It is strange to me that whilst people talk of God, even religion, or spirituality, people ignore the real evidence that we survive death. They balk at the idea or are embarassed by it or even think one is loopy to believe it. Yet, there is so much evidence out there. John and I have made a study of this for almost 25 years. Niether of us doubt that we survive death. And no, the evidence is not the stuff you see on Living TV, the psychic mumbo jumbo crap, which has been edited and most of it just plain insulting. However, there is genuine mediumship and it takes place daily all over the world. Along with it is the misguided 'mediumship', the fraudulent, the poor mediumship, the ego trippers. It is up to you to sift thru it and not just dimiss the whole thing as crap. Every day people are receiving confirmation that we do indeed survive physical death.
Keep your mind open, always.

The only unforgivable sin is that of a closed mind. A closed mind cannot be reached and thus it's sin(error) cannot be corrected.
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