Monday, October 23, 2006

Hand Knit Socks and Passap Sweater

For a better of view of all pictures, click on the picture to see larger size.Opal 75% wool and 25% silk yarn. Dutch heel used. 2mm for the ribbing and 2.25mm for the body. I really like the feel of this yarn. Wearing them now.

The yarn is 96% wool and 4% lycra. 2/24 used double. Made for a very heavy sweater! Almost 1kg(2.2lbs). I used N/N for hems. The main body uses tech 180 but with lock at set to FX and pushers in 1up 1 down formation.

This is the beckband on the FX sweater. I prefer the neckband on the sweater below. The sweater below was done using just one strand of same yarn and using a tuck stich pattern in the console.


chappy said...

your new socks are awesome! love the colors!

chappy said...

your socks are awesome! love the colors. great heel!

snazzi said...

Your socks look great... another thing for my wishlist!

Mary Beth said...

I will finish my dearest's shirt before our 16th wedding anniversary on Thursday and get back to knitting, I will! It's turned cold here, the leaves are all golden, red and brown and your socks are giving me sock envy.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous socks again, just cast on socks for my brother, using 2mm dpns, very happy with the fabric this time, nice and firm!

Love the sweater, I adore red, and that is a gorgeous shade of red.

Hope you are keeping okay and not letting the buggers get you down. Good to see you are knitting again. Hugs Beverley xx

Jenn said...

Socks look great... The sweater is lovely too! Great colour. :)

Anonymous said...

GREAT socks!!! I love the
heel which I am unable to
do on my sock machine....
but I can make a pair in
less than 1 hours ( then have
to kitchener the toes closed)

I love the tuck sweater - the
neckband is perfect!!! You
do awesome work

Anonymous said...

Great socks. :-)

Sharon J said...

I've recently bought some of the Opal yarn that has bamboo fibre mixed into it. It feels lovely so I can't wait to knit some socks with it. I just hope they look as good as yours!