Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Shows and Stuff

Moon has now been to 5 Championship shows and has been placed 2nd twice and 3rd three times. The last time, Saturday she was 3rd out of 18.

We have a two week break now and I must say I am glad of it.I am exhausted and in some amount of pain now. However, I have had a great time doing this and look forward to shows on the 6th and 12th August.

When i was first diagnosed I dealt with it by thinking it would go away after a few months. When the penny dropped that this is a progressive disease and I was likely to get worse, not better, I became very concerned that I would have to give up my dogs and certainly any idea of showing. I am not easily beaten though and set about learning how to show a dog and use a stick. As importantly, I also learned to pace myself, set my priorities, and think only of each day as it came and refused to let my mind wander into the future. It is paying off handsomely. One thing I had to compromise on, which I hated but it was necessary, was the dogs coats. I shaved off everyone but Micah and Moon. Moon because I am showing her, and Micah because I am likely to start showing him later this year.

I knitted another sweater this last two days and it is now in the bin! I hated the yarn(Forsell's 2ply-rough and pilled even while knitting!) tho I loved the heathery colour and thought it would still make a nice sweater. I was half way thru sewing it up when I noticed the yarn really was crap and it showed around the neckline and the sleeve cap seams. So in the bin it went. I hate to waste yarn but will not be knititng with this yarn again and will dump any cones I still have of it.

I have slept a lot this last 3 days and it is very hot. 90's and humid. Yuk!


Anonymous said...

Get plenty of rest so you're all set for the next shows! :-) I love to hear how Moon is doing.

Angie said...

I'm sleeping a lot too Colin this weather makes me feel I'm living in a fog .I can't concentrate ,thank goodness we only have a couple of months of this .

Gillian said...

I'm very jealous of your machine knitting prowess. The jumpers look really lovely. I'm not very good with garments aand although I have a cupboard full of misfits and often resort to the sewing machine to reduce the width I keep on trying. I'm better with no shaping and no sizing, like a wash cloth!
Hope the weather improves soon,
Cheers Gillian

Anonymous said...

Give Moon a well done pat from me, she is doing so well, and you are not doing too badly yourself, think you need a pat on the back too! Hope you do as well if not better in August.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sweater Colin just as gorgeous as all the others. I'm keeping track of Moon. Lhasa's and knitting are my all time favorite things. Moon is absolutely beautiful. I'm recovering from 2 bouts of Lyme disease and sleeping a lot myself. Gotta get back to the knitting.Looking forward to your next project be it dogs or sweaters.